ARC1 Rig with Sail and Battens

ARC1 Rig with Sail and Battens

Sail number 12'' Black

Sail number 12'' Black

ARC2 Rig with Sail and Battens


Put your Laser in turbo-drive with the LaserPerformance ARC Rigs. With spars designed by Scott Ferguson and sails by Robbie Doyle, the ARC rigs are alternatives to the Laser Standard and Laser Radial rigs that is compatible to the Laser hulls. The ARC rigs are designed to accommodate a wider range of sailors, allowing more people to get involved in Laser sailing. The ARC2 has a weight range of 135lbs – 165lbs vs. 145lbs – 155lbs for the Radialr

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Laser ARC2 rig



  • The ARC2’s sail is 7.334 square meters, 9.8% greater than Laser Radial sail
  • Fully battened and custom designed fill-oriented polyester/film laminate sails.


  • The ARC2 carbon spar is 50mm shorter and 60% of the weight of the Radial spar.


  • Both sails have carbon booms that feature a bonded mask track, internal outhaul, T-fitting gooseneck, and no riveted eye straps.
Points of Interest Detail Comments
ARC2 Spar
50mm Shorter The flex of the rigs have been designed to be softer in the bottom than the aluminium, 2x's as stiff as the aluminium in the middle quickly tapering to only 20% as stiff as the aluminium in the top section. This design allows a simple increase in mainsheet tension for a firmer leech.
ARC2 Spars Tapered 2 piece carbon spars The weight of the composite spars is 60% of the weight of the aluminium spars
  Bonded mast track  
  Internal outhaul  
  "T" Fitting gooseneck  
  No riveted eye straps  
ARC1 and ARC2 Spars Employ: Existing boomvang/kicker  
  Mainsheet blocks and traveler  
  Cunningham controls  
  Clew strap  
 ARC2 Sail Area Mᴧ2 7.344 vs Radial Mᴧ2 6.691 This is an increase in sail area of 9.8%
Battens Full length battens with adjustable tension Bonus - improves longevity
 Sail Cloth Custom designed fill oriented polyster/film laminate  
Shapes Computer molded sail shapes Square tops, higher aspect ratios
Sailor Weight Range Radial = 145-155lbs vs ARC2 = 135-165lbs  
Advantages Lower centre of effort  
  Reduced righting moment  
  Vastly improved rig control  
  Improved light air performance  
  Improved off the wind performance  
  Easier to sail in all conditions  
Designers Spars: Scott Ferguson  
  Sails: Robbie Doyle, Jud Smith, Richard Bouzaid  
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