Seitech Dolly, Laser

Seitech Dolly, Laser

Laser Stacker Trolley & Stacker support

Laser Stacker Trolley & Stacker support

Seitech Dolly, Sunfish

• Corrosion-proof and maintenance-free

• Round-cornered, structural-grade anodized aluminum

• Superior balance and ergonomic handle design make for easy pulling

• Glass-reinforcced, UV-protected, through-bolted plastic joint components

• Simplified design for fast assembly

• Three-inch wide, non-stretch sling for best the storage and easy retrieval in wavy conditions

• Easily broken down at splice joint and T-joint for quick trunk storage

• Tubeless ATV knobby tread tires with low friction Delrin needle bearings roll easily on all surfacess.

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DETAILS Seitech dollies are beautifully engineered and crafted. Perfectly balanced, light-weight designs with low-friction wheel bearings make loading, moving and launching your boat a breeze. Each dolly is carefully engineered down to the smallest detail to give you many years of smooth, trouble-free service.
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