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Harken - Upgrade Kit - Vang

Harken - Upgrade Kit - Vang

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For easy on/off try a quick pin for the attachment on the mast.

The Harken Laser®/ILCA Vang comes ready completely assembled with line, Harken blocks & cam cleat, and clevis pin needed for instant installation on any boat. This vang setup is universal for any of the three Laser® rigs - Standard, Radial or 4.7.

This vang provides power and efficiency for sailors of any size by providing a 15:1 mechanical advantage for effortless use and release - this vang setup runs smooth, every time. Cascade line is 3/32" Spectra & the cleated line is 3/16".

Total weight is 12.3oz, the same as the Holt Allen Laser® Vang (in case you're wondering).

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