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ILCA 7 Sail by North

ILCA 7 Sail by North

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This class approved sail is more durable due to its bi-radial construction, it is manufactured out of longer-lasting 4.5 ounce Dacron cloth with optimized sail patches, Tapered battens with Velcro batten pocket closures, and the new luff tube design is easier on the upper spars..
  • Fits ILCA 7 rigged boats
  • Class Legal
  • Includes folded sail bag
  • Bi-radial construction -
  • Larger window
  • Tapered battens in Velcro fastened pockets
  • Luff tube mast joint patch
  • 4.5 oz Dacron sailcloth -
  • Optimized patching for durability
  • Red sunburst
  • ILCA Sail Button
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