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New England Spyder Line 5/32"

New England Spyder Line 5/32"

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Spider-Web Strength in a Dingy Control Line - length 14" Thanks to its Dyneema core and twill pattern (smooth) cover, Spyderline is just the right small diameter line needed for higher load applications.

BENEFITS: Very strong and low stretch. Flexible yet firm enough to be fed through small leads, micro blocks and purchase systems. Sizes over 1.8 mm have a braided core, allowing for additional performance modifications.

APPLICATIONS: Dingy and small one design cunninghams, traveler lines, vang systems, trapeze lines, outhauls, topping lifts, halyards, and twings. The 1.8 mm and 2.8 mm lines are perfect sail ties for the performance Opti sailor.



Diameter Inches Diameter MM Tensile Strength Weight Lbs/100'
1/8" 3 mm 1,250 Lbs 0.5
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